Competitiveness in Composite Materials and Technical Textiles will Increase With BUTEXCOMP

The third of the information meetings held within the scope of the promotion of BUTEXCOMP, one of the most important technological transformation projects that will increase Turkey’s competitiveness in composite materials and technical textiles, conducted by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), was held with the participation of international experts.

The 3rd Information Meeting of the Composite Materials and Technical Textile Prototype Production and Application Center(BUTEXCOMP), which is one of the most important technological transformation projects supported by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey and conducted by BTSO, was held at the Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Center (BUTEKOM). ) hosted by domestic and foreign participation.

Expert Names in the Field were Attended

‘Bursa’s Technical Textile and Composite Transformation’, ‘Technical Textile Transformation in Denizli’, ‘Technical Textile and Composite Transformation’, ‘Technical Textile and Composite Transformation’, ‘Technical Sessions were held on ‘Key Parameters in the Transformation to Textile’, ‘Valuable Developments in the Composites Industry’, ‘Türkiye’s Journey to Transformation into Technical Textiles’. BTSO Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Metin Şenyurt, BUTEKOM General Manager Dr. Mustafa Hatipoğlu, BUTEKOM Academic Advisor Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karahan, BUTEXCOMP Project Team Leader Richard Smits and industry representatives, as well as international success in technical textile and composites, Team Leader of Technical Textile Transformation Project in Denizli Fernando Merino, Scientific Director of Aachen University in Germany, Dr.-Ing Christoph Greb, Gaziantep University Textile Engineering Lecturer Prof. Dr. Cem Güneşoğlu, Istanbul Technical University Textile Engineering Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Ali Kılıç and Senior Textile Specialist Yavuz Mogul from Gherzi, Germany, and industry representatives attended.

“Innovation Based Industry is Needed”

BTSO Deputy Chairman of the Assembly Metin Şenyurt, noting that there is a need for an innovation-based industry in an increasingly competitive environment and said, “An organization that offers services that are important for the composite material and technical textile sector, whose market value is increasing day by day, is neither in Bursa nor in Türkiye. With BUTEXCOMP, which is targetin to increase the prototyping, design and modeling capabilities of companies operating in both sectors, it is targeted to create a fully integrated cluster for both sectors. Within the scope of technical support activities, we will provide training, laboratory and consultancy services to companies in our project that will end on April 20, 2024. We believe that with this center, where we will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of Türkiye in the field of manufacturing, works that will support our domestic and technology policy will be undertaken.”

At Least 10 New Products will be Developed

BUTEKOM Academic Advisor Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karahan stated that BUTEXCOMP was implemented with a fund of 6 million 150 thousand Euros within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Programme and said, “All information activities and trainings related to the project are carried out under the umbrella of BUTEKOM, where all the infrastructure related to the project is established. We are purposed to contribute to the competitiveness of the textile and composite materials industry, while supporting our companies, which we are purposed to raise the level of technology, especially at the scale of SMEs, in the transition to value-added production. While discussing the key parameters related to the transformation into technical textiles with experts from home and abroad, we also provided information to the sector representatives. It was an extremely useful event. At the end of this project, we will have created at least 10 new products. We will also support our companies in the commercialization of these products. Throughout the project, we will continue to explain the project in more detail and stand by our companies, with both information meetings and B2B meetings (SMEs who believe that they can do business together, come together to research common working conditions).