Bursa Technical Textile and Composite Materials Sectors Joined Their Forces with Workshops

The workshops initiated within the scope of the BUTEXCOMP Project in order to ensure qualified transformation in Bursa technical textile and composite materials sectors have been completed. With the contributions of academics, companies gained significant advantages in increasing their competencies, improving product quality and cooperation.

The last of the Supply Chain Twinning Program Workshops was held within the scope of the Composite Material and Technical Textile Prototype Production and Application Center Technical Support Project (BUTEXCOMP) supported by the European Union and the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey within the framework of the Competitive Sectors Program and carried out by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO).


Bursa Technology Coordination and R&D Center (BUTEKOM) General Manager Murat Kurtlar, who stated that they made a study visit to Germany and Belgium within the scope of the BUTEXCOMP Project at the workshop attended by sector representatives and academics, said: “We had discussions about the working system of centers similar to BUTEXCOMP during our contacts abroad. As an institution that constantly updates its goals, our basic approach is to support the efficiency of companies by using technologies that depend on the needs of the market. Again, to increase product quality through laboratory studies. Green transformation and innovation are also the most important parts of this process. The workshops were important for our companies to come together and share their competencies. “We will continue our informative activities to raise the awareness of our companies.” he said.


Noting that they received very positive feedback from the companies participating in the workshops, BUTEXCOMP 2nd Key Expert-Innovation Specialist Mutlu Sezen said, “We have achieved significant gains within the scope of our project. Within the scope of our Green Product Project, we are developing new products with 6 selected companies. We provide support to all 10 of our companies to benefit from marketing, foreign trade and financing opportunities in terms of trading the innovative products they have developed. We provide services on consultancy, prototyping, test-analysis, 3D printing, design and modeling with more than 50 companies. In this way, we move our Center to an established, active and sustainable position with all its infrastructure.” said.


Bursa Uludağ University Textile Engineering Department Head Prof. Dr. Dilek Kut said, “There was a very good participation by the companies. I observed that very productive bilateral meetings were held. We had the opportunity to improve our relations with company representatives. This was also very important for us as academics. I believe that as a result of the workshops we held, very good collaborations will be realized and very good projects will be implemented. In particular, these were works that would take the industry to great heights. The Turkish textile industry is very good at conventional production, but development in the field of technical textiles and composite materials should also be focused on. “Our companies should expand abroad in this context.” he said.

Assoc. Prof., Bursa Technical University, Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering. Dr. Cihan Kaboğlu said, “Bursa; A city that is the cradle of technical textiles and composite materials. Thanks to the BUTEXCOMP Project, it is very valuable for our companies operating in the field of technical textiles and composite materials to come together with academicians working in this field. I think it is very valuable in terms of making the products more technical and with higher added value. I believe that our city will produce products with very high added value with these studies focused on university-industry cooperation. It was also a huge step in terms of raising awareness of our companies. I would like to thank the BUTEXCOMP family very much. “I think similar activities should be carried out in many sectors.” he said.

At the last BUTEXCOMP Supply Chain Matching Workshop, Bursa SMEs evaluated cooperation opportunities in bilateral meetings with the suppliers, solution providers and potential buyers who participated in the workshop and were matched in line with needs/interests. Academicians also held meetings focused on university-industry cooperation.

Composite Material and Technical Textile Prototype Production and Application Center (BUTEXCOMP) Technical Support Project carried out by BTSO is carried out within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program, financed within the framework of the financial cooperation of the European Union and the Republic of Turkey and carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.