Bursa Technical Textile and Composite Material Cluster Strategy and Roadmap were Discussed at the Workshop

The road map prepared by the Technical Support Team for the clustering studies initiated within the scope of the BUTEXCOMP Project for the technical textile and composite sectors in Bursa was introduced and discussed at the workshop held with the participation of stakeholders.

The activities of the Composite Material and Technical Textile Prototype Production and Application Center Technical Support Project (BUTEXCOMP), supported by the European Union and the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey within the framework of the Competitive Sectors Program and carried out by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), continue. Within the scope of the project, Bursa Technical Textile and Composite Materials Cluster Strategy Road Map and Action Plan Information Meeting was held with the participation of company representatives and Project stakeholders.

Support for Value Added Production

At the Bursa Technical Textile and Composite Materials Cluster Roadmap Information Meeting, the cluster strategy roadmap and action plan prepared by BUTEXCOMP Technical Support Team experts were shared with cluster members and stakeholders. At the meeting, priority strategies and development areas were discussed. BUTEKOM General Manager Murat Kurtlar, in his evaluation at the meeting, said: “As BUTEKOM, we support the implementation of this project and its activities. We continue to support our companies operating in the technical textile and composite materials sector in Bursa to benefit them in producing value-added products. A whole has a much greater meaning than the parts that make it up. It is necessary to evaluate cluster activities from this perspective. The definition of the cluster to be created in line with the studies in BUTEXCOMP is very common and well used in Europe. “Such workshops, where we improve ourselves before entering the environments required by competition, will always provide great benefits.” he said.

Action Plan Created

BUTEXCOMP Clustering Expert Yeliz Çuvalcı said, “We prepared our cluster strategy and action plan. In particular, our strategic priorities, main strategic areas and support strategy areas clearly tell us what steps we will take to become more competitive together with our cluster companies. “By discussing the cluster vision with our companies and stakeholders, we have clarified the steps we will take in the short, medium and long term.” said.