Competitiveness of the Composite Sector Increases with BUTEXCOMP

In order to increase competitiveness in the technical textile and composite material sectors in Bursa, a workshop was held within the scope of BUTEXCOMP Supply Chain Matching Program. The program aims to enable SMEs to gain a competitive advantage in global markets.

The activities of the Composite Material and Technical Textile Prototype Production and Application Center Technical Support Project (BUTEXCOMP), supported by the European Union and the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Turkey within the framework of the Competitive Sectors Program and carried out by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), continue. Within the scope of the project, ‘Supply Chain Matching Workshop’ was held with the participation of company representatives.

It will Strengthen Local Collaborations
The Supply Chain Matching Program implemented within the scope of BUTEXCOMP activities aims to meet the needs of SMEs operating at different levels of the value chain, as well as to increase the competitiveness, export capacity and added value of SMEs. In line with the program, solution partners and companies addressing the needs of SMEs operating in Bursa were brought together at the workshop. Coming together in the first of the workshops for the composite materials sector, the companies had the opportunity to find solutions to their needs in every area of ​​the supply chain while having bilateral meetings. It is aimed that the work to be carried out by companies that find a common ground to strengthen their local collaborations within the scope of the program will make significant contributions to the city and country’s economy.

Network Will Be Created Through Clustering
In his speech at the workshop, BUTEXCOMP Operations Coordination Unit Director Prof. noted that the target outcome of the project was to create a cluster for the technical textile and composite materials sectors. Dr. Mehmet Karahan said, “We have created a very good research and prototyping infrastructure to increase the competitiveness of our SMEs. Currently, our SMEs; It utilizes this research, testing and prototyping infrastructure very effectively. Many of our SMEs carry out work such as developing new products or improving the performance of their existing products within BUTEXCOMP. We have also created a serious training series for our SMEs to help them adapt more easily to the developments in technical textiles and composites, and it continues rapidly. Approximately 200 SMEs benefited from all these activities. With these efforts, we aim to create a supply chain that includes our companies. We have prepared a series of workshops on this subject. Our aim is to increase the synergy between companies and ensure the formation of networks between them.” said.

A First is Being Signed in Turkey
Making a presentation to the companies at the workshop, Bursa Technical University Polymer Materials Department faculty member Prof. Dr. Ayşe Bedeloğlu said, “Composite is actually a sector that started to develop long ago in Europe and the USA. For our country, it is a new sector open to development. Companies in sectors such as textile and machinery can easily invest in this field and develop new products. In this way, they can catch up with the world and go above average with new products. This workshop was an important event that will shape the industry. In a sense, it is being carried out for the first time in Turkey. It is also a matter of pride that this is in Bursa. In particular, it will provide a progressive effect on the development-oriented aspect of Bursa industry. Having 2 state and 1 foundation university in Bursa is also an important advantage. “At this point, strengthening the industry in this regard can be achieved more easily by developing university-industry cooperation within the framework of composites.” he said.

Matchmaking Meetings Were Held

At the workshop, twinning meetings were held to support the companies’ business capacity. At the end of the event, BUTEXCOMP Technical Support Specialist Serap Gültekin gave information about the work to be done in the program in line with the results of the Supply Chain Matching Workshop.
Composite Material and Technical Textile Prototype Production and Application Center (BUTEXCOMP) Technical Support Project carried out by BTSO is carried out within the scope of the Competitive Sectors Program, financed within the framework of the financial cooperation of the European Union and the Republic of Turkey and carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.